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My Mission

When I take a camera into any venue, my eyes are cocked like a hawk looking for the most emotional and most powerful moments and reactions to capture. Staying on your toes and  anticipating what action will happen next so my camera and trigger finger are at the right place at the right time. But it's also about purposely putting myself in the right place and time to get the shot I want and visualized. Being in the news world where we are working with real human beings, every photo won't work out how you foresee it, but pushing yourself further to question how that picture could be made better and then actively pursuing that improvement is how we create our best work. Photography, to me, is like playing with legos.

Each photo can be improved upon by successfully integrating another layer into the photo, and each striving photographer will always be searching for a way to create or add another layer to their images. As such, my photography will forever be in a constant state of improvement with every shutter release.


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